Lab group

Field work

Graduate students

Catherine Hernandez: Cathy is a 3rd year graduate student in Integrative Biology currently working on measuring coevolutionary change between bacteria and phages living within leaves of tomato plants. She is taking advantage of experimental evolution to test when/how the coevolutionary process differs between the in planta and in vitro environments.

Elijah Mehlferber: Elijah is a 1st year graduate student in Integrative Biology who plans to investigate the interactions between host, microbiome and phage. He is currently in the process of constructing a synthetic community for our tomato plants.

Norma Morella: Norma is a 4th year graduate student in the lab, affiliated with the Plant and Microbial Biology department, who is examining the impact of microbial transmission (e.g. via seeds) under agricultural conditions. She is also developing a novel method to measure bacteria-phage dynamics and assess the risk of bacteriophage infection in microbial populations/communities.

Undergraduate researchers

Tristan Caro.jpg
Tristan Caro: Tristan joined the lab in 2017 and is working with Britt on a new project exploring natural bacteria-phage dynamics during fire blight infection of pear trees.
Callie Cuff.JPG
Callie Cuff: Callie joined the lab in 2017 and is also working with Britt on a new project exploring natural bacteria-phage dynamics during fire blight infection of pear trees.
Michelle Leung.png
Michelle Leung: Michelle joined the lab in 2016 and is working with Britt, in collaboration with Jenn Lewis, on a method for rapidly identifying phage receptors allowing infection of the plant pathogen, P. syringae.

Priyanka Ranade: Priyanka joined the lab in 2016 and is working with Cathy on bacteria-phage interactions within the leaves of tomato plants.

Shangyang Christopher Yang: Chris joined the lab in 2016 and is working with Norma on designing phage specific probes to measure phage-phage competition in vitro.

Shirley Zhang: Shirley joined the lab in 2017 and is working with Norma on a project to determine the protective effects of bacterial communities against the pathogen P. syringae.

Past lab members

Graduate students and research technicians:

seanSean Meaden (Phd student, University of Exeter, 2012-2015): Sean finished his PhD focusing on understanding how coevolution with phages affects the fitness of a bacterial pathogen on its plant host. He went on to work as a postdoctoral researcher with Prof Mike Boots at UC Berkeley, and now a postdoctoral researcher with Edze Westra.

Nicole Parr (2013-2015, Full-time research technician, University of Exeter; now a PhD student at the University of Exeter, working with Lucy Hawkes on bird migration)

Alexander Rose (2015, Masters student at Exeter; now a Graduate Teaching Associate at Bangor University)

Will Crowther (2014, Research assistant based at Oxford University; now a research technician at Warwick University)

Reinier van Velzen (2014, Visiting masters student at Exeter)

Amy McLeman (2013, Masters student at Exeter; now pursuing a PhD at the University of Exeter with Profs Richard Ffrench-Constant and Chris Bass to design bee-safe pesticides)

Jennifer Bates (2009, Masters student at Oxford)


Undergraduate students:

Nishani Abeydeera: (2015-2017, Volunteer, Berkeley; Nishani joined the lab within my first few months at UC Berkeley and worked here for nearly two years on projects ranging from phage genome sequencing to identifying new phage receptors on bacterial cells; now working as a medical scribe at the Northridge Hospital emergency room

Izaak Coleman (2013, 2015, University of Exeter, Volunteer; now pursuing a masters in Computer Sciences at Imperial College London)

Jennifer Weller (2014, University of Exeter, Undergraduate project student; now doing a PhD at Queen’s University Belfast on aggression in domestic animals)

Benjamin Keningale (2013, University of Exeter, Undergraduate project student – won Darwin award for top honor’s project in University of Exeter’s BioSciences department; just finished his MSc at the Royal Veterinary College and now deciding among PhD programs)

Olivia Lee (2013, University of Exeter, Undergraduate project student at Exeter; Recently graduatd with an MSc from University of Liverpool and currently volunteering with Edze Westra, looking into the whens and whys of the evolution of CRISPR immune system in bacteria)

Derek Lin (2010, Honor’s project student at UC Santa Cruz, where I was a postdoctoral fellow; now a research technician at the Biomedical Research Institute of New Mexico)

Angela Pogson: (2015-2017, Volunteer, Berkeley; Angie joined us in her 1st year at Berkeley to work, in collaboration with Britt and Steve Lindow, on bacterial ice nucleation in the tomato leaf)

Grant Wang: (2016-2017, Volunteer, Berkeley; Grant spent over a year in the lab working closely with Norma to study the impact of phages within the tomato microbiome; now beginning a 1-year’s masters program at Tufts University)


Visiting researchers:

Reena Debray (2017): Reena spent the Summer of 2017 in the lab as an AmGen Scholar. She worked with Cathy on better quantifying the impacts of phages on plant pathogen evolution in tomato.

William Feeney (2016): Will visited the lab for a summer as a Fulbright Fellow based between the University of Queensland (AUS) and the University of Delaware studying numerous coevolutionary interactions, including brood parasites. More here:

Annika Gomez (2016): Annika is an undergraduate at Cornell University who spent a summer in the lab as part of the prestigious Amgen Scholars program.

Stefanie Barbosa Potful Soares (2016): Stefanie is an undergraduate at the Federal University of Espirito Santo (UFES) in Brazil who worked in the lab over the summer as part of Brazil’s Scientific Mobility program.

Lab photo 2 May 2018

Lab group May 2018: Top row, from left: Tristan Caro, Shangyang Christopher Yang,  Rachel Rovinsky, Norma Morella, Elijah Mehlferber, Shirley Zhang, Britt Koskella; Bottom row, from left: Callie Cuff, Priyanka Ranade, Catherine Hernandez, Michelle Leung, and Alina Lee; Not pictured: Kore Lum.

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